China Mary

Manuscript currently in submission to publishers.

From the collection of the Uinta County Museum in Evanston, Wyoming.


Chinese prostitutes in the Old West were often called China Mary. The poems in China Mary chronicle the story of a girl who arrives in San Francisco during the last days of the California gold rush, where she is sold to a parlor house against her will. A decade later, she emerges in the railroad boomtown of Evanston, Wyoming, seeking to rebuild her life and grapple with her past. Based on the life of a woman whose story has been lost to history, these poems hover in the shadows of the western frontier.


Diode Poetry Journal:: China Mary has just arrived in a San Francisco brothel.

Entropy:: Scenes from China Mary’s journey to San Francisco and her life in the brothel.

Queen Mob’s Teahouse:: Newly widowed, China Mary arrives in Evanston from Park City, Utah.

Nailed Magazine:: China Mary attempts to escape from the brothel. Later, in Wyoming, she begins to face her past. With author’s introduction.