China Mary



Art Criticism

Literary Studies

Review and Book Essays

  • Tin House:: Lost and Found: Diane Gilliam Fisher’s Kettle Bottom (Winter Reading 2016, #70) (Print)
  • Philadelphia Review of Books, The:: Lost and Found (Reprinted in Down and Out) (Kate Zambreno’s Heroines)
  • Philadelphia Review of Books, The:: The Subjective Passions (Veronica Gonzalez Peña’s The Sad Passions)
  • Philadelphia Review of Books, The:: The Dream of the Golden Mountain (Scott D. Seligman’s The First Chinese American: The Remarkable Life of Wong Chin Foo)
  • Philadelphia Review of Books, The:: The Stories that Bind Us (Poe Ballantine’s Love and Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere)

Short Reviews


  • Rogue Agent:: Petals
  • Cross Country Skier:: Mountains from Molehills: An Amateur’s Guide to Cross Country Skiing
  • Los Angeles Review of Books:: The Walls Speak: Excavating the Chinese Immigrant Experience at Angel Island