Western Journeys

Colorado Public Radio:: An immigrant’s ‘Western Journeys’ and her journey to becoming a writer with Ryan Warner, March 2023.

High Country News:: Teow Lim Goh & Chinese history of the West with Paisley Rekdal, January 2023.

KVNF Community Radio:: Teow Lim Goh explores the Chinese immigrant experience in the American West with Taya Jae, April 2023.

Colorado Sun:: Teow Lim Goh’s “Western Journeys” grew from her earliest attempts at writing, October 2022.

Utah Public Radio:: ‘Western Journeys’ with Teow Lim Goh on Access Utah with Tom Williams, July 2022.

Faraway Places

E-Verse Radio:: Diving into Glass: On the Making of Faraway Places. Feature and Excerpts, June 2021.

Rogue Agent:: Interview on embodiment and writing Faraway Places with Jill Khoury, July 2021.

Lighthouse Writers Workshop: Faculty Spotlight Interview with Michael Henry, November 2021.

Sundress Reads:: Review of Faraway Places by Kaylee Jeong, October 2022.


PBS NewsHour:: If the walls of an immigration detention center could speak by Mary Jo Brooks, October 2016.

Colorado Public Radio:: Denver Poet Imagines the Lost Voices of Female Chinese Immigrants with Ryan Warner, November 2016.

The New Yorker:: The Lost Poetry of the Angel Island Detention Center by Beenish Ahmed, February 2017.

High Country News:: An island from the past by Anna V. Smith, February 2017.

More Reviews and Interviews.

Other Interviews

Les Femmes Folles:: Interview with Sally Deskins, February 2015.

Entropy:: Books I Hate (and Also Some I Like) with Katharine Coldiron, April 2017.

Sundress Lyric Essentials:: Teow Lim Goh Reads Three Poems by Ansel Elkins with Jessica Hudgins, April 2019.

Tinderbox Poetry Journal:: Catching Up with Teow Lim Goh, October 2021.